October Grid Analytics Community Conversation - "Solve my Problem Exercise"

When:  Oct 21, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM (CT)
Join the Grid Analytics Community on Wednesday, October 21st at 1:00 PM CT for an interactive “Solve My Problem” exercise facilitated by Community Sponsors and Leaders and UAI staff. The session described below has been designed with input directly from members of the Grid Analytics Community which was captured from the “Getting to Know You” survey and exercise during the kick-off Community Conversation.

The “Solve My Problem” session will be delivered in a way that will encourage partnered collaboration between members to come up with solutions and/or action plans to help members solve real-time “problems” (“problems” can be interchangeable with the word “challenges”). During conversations about the “problems”, members will showcase their successes, share experiences and lessons learned, and gain valuable insights from the supportive and knowledgeable group of peers meeting during this Community Conversation. We encourage open, interactive dialogue throughout the exercise to create a vibrant and collaborative environment, and to ensure everyone in attendance receives an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas.

During this interactive exercise, attendees will collaborate to come up with solutions and/or action plans that can be used to address the “problem”. Come prepared to discuss the following “problems” during the Grid Analytics Community “Solve My Problem” exercise!

  • Problem #1 (Facilitated by Amin Tayyebi, Data Science Manager, Exelon): Scenario: We have a small team and we went through a process to identify and prioritize around 70-80 use cases. Problem: We have lots of great data for these grid analytics use cases, but where do we start and what do we do with the data next?
  • Problem #2 (Facilitated by Victoria White, Staff Engineer, Oncor): How are you using predictive analytics for things like outage damage prediction, wildfire mitigation, and storm restoration? Also, what do your dashboards for these things include? And How are you applying analytics and boiling data down to get meaningful, actionable results?

If you are not yet part of the Grid Analytics Community, join today to be a part of the discussion.


Dial-in Instructions:
A meeting link will be provided to members of the Grid Analytics Community.