March 9 Customer Analytics Community Conversation - "Why are you charging me for 8 scoops of ice cre

When:  Mar 9, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (CT)
Join the Customer Analytics Community Tuesday, March 9th at 11:00 AM CST, for a discussion around, "Why are you charging me for 8 scoops of ice cream when I just wanted 1!?!? Alerting customers before it becomes a high bill," with Daniel McCrobie, Sr. Analyst at SRP, and Gary Rector, Data Scientist at SRP. Please see below to learn more about this upcoming session!

"At Salt River Project, we know that high bills are one of the worst experiences for customers. We recently launched a program that will alert customers that their bill may be higher than normal on the day after we detect the high usage. We provide tips and self-service options for customers so they can identify what may be wrong and fix it sooner rather than waiting to get a bill for an entire month of high usage.

Using analytics, a Hadoop system, and a data lake of meter readings, we calculate an expected value for each account. The usage from yesterday is compared to this expected value for yesterday’s temperature and day of the week. We will then send an alert if usage is statistically different than what was expected.

Join us to go over the specifics of this alert and how this was perceived by a pilot group of SRP customers. No one wants to pay for more ice cream than they ordered!"

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Dial-in Instructions:
A Microsoft Teams link will be provided to Customer Analytics Community members prior to the meeting.