Volunteer with UAI and Let Your Voice be Heard!

The growing success of UAI is in large part due to the engagement of and direct contributions from our “eager and willing” members. UAI continually works with you – our members – to provide the most relevant and timely content to address the big questions facing the utility analytics industry today and into the future.

UAI provides ample opportunity and encourages our members to share your knowledge, experience, and expertise and we desire your help to provide trends assessment and guidance in our overall strategic direction to ensure we are evolving as you evolve and providing you a way to address your challenges and exceed your goals.

We have compiled UAI’s many volunteer opportunities available to you as a UAI member. Let us know what piques your interest and step-up, get-involved, and lead the way by volunteering with UAI today! Please contact us at info@UtilityAnalytics.com if you have any questions, need more information, or would like to volunteer for any of the below opportunities.

Executive Advisory Council Member (EAC)

The Executive Advisory Council (EAC) helps drive the Institute in everything we do. From community topics, event tracks, research focus (etc.), the EAC works with UAI directly to ensure we develop relevant content and adhere to the interests of our utility audience. EAC members meet twice a year in person at our events and four times virtually through web conference calls. They have access to private EAC community material such as a discussion forum/member lists, exclusive member use cases, archived meeting material, and more.

Requirements at a glance:
  • Up to two member representatives from each utility member company
  • Ideally director level+
  • Guides UAI’s strategic direction in community topics, event tracks, research, etc.
  • Willingness to share thoughts and ideas throughout the year
  • Ideally can travel to Utility Analytics Week and Utility Analytics Summit for UAI’s in-person EAC meetings
  • Attend four 1-hour virtual calls throughout the year
  • Periodically stay involved with use case exercises and other EAC member activities
  • Est. time commitment: 1 to 2 hours/month + participation at our live events

UAI Community Sponsor

A Community Sponsor is a UAI member utility leader who typically holds a director-level position or higher or is a member of UAI’s Executive Advisory Council (EAC). Sponsors have business process or data science/IT expertise in the Community’s focus area and guide the Community’s strategic direction, support the Community Leaders and provide input on the group’s scope, charter, monthly meeting content and deliverable(s).

Requirements at a glance:
  • Ideally director level+ or EAC member
  • Guides group’s direction, encourages participation
  • Provides input on group’s scope, charter, monthly meeting content and group deliverable
  • Attends initial kick-off call, touch base calls if needed and monthly web meetings
  • Est. time commitment: 1 to 2 hours/month (includes monthly meetings)

UAI Community Leader

A Community Leader is a UAI member utility leader who typically holds a manager or analyst position. Leaders have business process or data science/IT expertise in the Community’s area of focus and provide input on the Community’s scope, charter, monthly meeting content and group deliverable(s). For assigned meetings, Community Leaders lead monthly online meetings and develop the meeting agenda. UAI Staff gather meeting materials, manage meeting logistics and care for administrative tasks.

Requirements at a glance:
  • Typically, Managers/Analysts from various business functions, data science or IT
  • Provides input on group’s scope, charter, monthly meeting content and group deliverable
  • Moderates assigned monthly meetings
  • Attends initial kick-off call, periodic prep calls as needed and monthly web meetings
  • Est. time commitment: 2 to 3 hours/month (includes monthly meetings)

UAI Community Conversation Presenters, Facilitators, and Panelists

UAI’s five current communities are always looking for members to share their thoughts and experiences with fellow attendees. Community presenters are typically asked to lead a 40 to 45-minute discussion while allowing time for Q&A throughout the course of their presentation. In certain situations, we may have additional opportunities as either a panelists or breakout room facilitator depending on the topic. Interested presenters will need to share their topic with UAI facilitators and Community Sponsors/Community Leaders who in turn will decide if it fits with-in the broader community charter and scope.

Requirements at a glance:
  • Options available for utility/national lab members (in certain situations, and with the approval of the Community’s leadership team, solution provider members may be allowed to present alongside a utility)
  • Ability to present a relevant topic for 40 to 45 minutes with Q&A and open discussion, facilitate an interactive exercise, facilitate a panel discussion, and/or participate as a panelist on a panel discussion – if we can dream-up an interactive, collaborative session we will execute and host it with your help during a UAI Community Conversation! Have an idea for a new session idea, let us know!
  • Attend your discussion 20 minutes early to get set up
  • In certain situations, you may be asked to attend a planning call with out Community Sponsors and Community Leaders
  • In certain situations, you may be asked to provide polling questions for your discussion
  • Est. time commitment: 1 hour & 20 minutes for your discussion + any additional time needed for a prep call

Speaker Opportunities at UAI Events

Speaking opportunities at UAI events are available to all UAI members. UAI is always looking for dynamic presenters with new ideas to bring to UA Week and UA Summit attendees. Speakers should face the same day-to-day challenges as our clients and members. We invite you to share your experiences, advice, and tried and tested strategies at one of our many events and forums - both in-person and virtually.

All session proposals will be considered for a speaking slot. Solution provider session proposals will be accepted for consideration, but it is highly recommended that presentations are submitted with a customer presenting. If we do not accept a solution provider session proposal you may be contacted by one of our account managers to talk about event sponsorship that includes a breakout session.

*We will make available official submission links several months prior to our events and will notify the UAI audience when they are live. Keep up to date at https://utilityanalytics.com/events-overview/.

UAI Contributor – Articles and Blogs

Do you have a story to share? Be a UAI Contributor!

UAI is the definitive source of information for the utility analytics industry. UAI reaches more than 54,000 individuals each month, visitors searching for best practices, resources, and access to our community of utility analytics professionals.

Every month, we aim to provide content that addresses the day-to-day challenges utility analytics professionals face. Throughout the year, we give our audience the leverage they need to move their organizations forward and advance their careers. Our editorial focus topics include the following, but we are also open to other editorial content and ideas as it relates to utility analytics.

  • Analytics Architecture & Technology
  • Asset Health Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Disaster Analytics
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Grid Analytics
  • Natural Gas Analytics
  • Safety Analytics

We look to subject matter experts within utility companies to help shape, educate, and inspire our dynamic industry and community. Utility analytics leaders consider us a critical resource for information because we have passionate and dedicated experts - like you - who are willing to share their experiences.

If you're interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise, please view the 2020 UAI Writer Guidelines for more information on ensuring a successful article for our UAI audience.

UAI Connect Ambassadors

Ambassador Defined:
  • A UAI Connect member with a top-ranking engagement score over the last 12 months
  • Ideally, a member who is also a highly engaged and participates in other UAI member activities, such as leading or participating in Community Conversations, attending or speaking at UAI events, or being a UAI article or blog contributor
  • Has posted to a discussion in UAI Connect in the last three (3) months
  • Has completed their UAI Connect profile
  • Once member accepts volunteer opportunity as Ambassador, they will be identified as such in UAI Connect with a badge on their profile

Ambassador Role – One-Year Term
  • An Ambassador is a current UAI member who is able and willing to assist UAI in improving the member experience during and after a time of transition, specifically regarding the improved member-only online community, UAI Connect.
  • Ambassadors will attend an initial conference call, setup by UAI staff, to discuss the volunteer opportunity and role, as well as provide your honest perspective of UAI Connect and then work with staff to brainstorm ways to improve UAI Connect to increase member engagement.
  • There will also be regular check-ins from staff with ambassadors to focus on overall engagement of UAI Connect, define areas needing improvement, to post discussions, and to respond to discussions with zero replies.
  • Ambassadors will serve as role models in the online community to foster a positive, inclusive, and safe culture within.
  • Ambassadors must understand and abide by the UAI Connect Code of Conduct.
  • As an Ambassador, you will be informed of changes and enhancements within UAI Connect before other community members and boost your reputation in the utility analytics industry.
  • This is a one-year term volunteer opportunity with the option to extend at the end of the term. Volunteers can proactively express interest in the role but will only receive an invitation to participate in the role if they meet the qualification criteria outlined above.

Please contact us at info@UtilityAnalytics.com if you have any questions, need more information, or would like to volunteer for any of the UAI volunteer opportunities.