About UAI’s Analytics Maturity Assessment (AMA)

The Analytics Maturity Assessment (AMA) is a self-assessment tool developed by UAI's Executive Advisory Council (EAC). The purpose of the AMA is to assess the analytics maturity of your utility. The AMA is comprised of seven dimensions: strategy, people, analytics governance, data governance, business process integration, analytics capabilities, and technology/tools. We suggest collaborating with your co-workers to complete this survey because it will provide a wholistic view of your utility's analytics maturity.

Collaboration Resources

To make collaboration easier, we’ve created collaboration resources to help you collect responses from multiple team members. Here is a PDF version of the survey and an Excel version of the survey: (Please note only members of UAI will be able to view/download)

The Seven Dimensions

  1. Strategy – The strategy section will evaluate the degree to which your utility has defined, developed, and implemented an enterprise analytics strategy. It will also consider the effectiveness of the analytics strategy based on components such as alignment to overall corporate strategy, definition of long-term goals, and drivers for establishing enterprise analytics. 
  2. People – The people section will evaluate the development and success of the organizational model that supports enterprise analytics. 
  3. Analytics Governance – The analytics governance section will evaluate the capability of your utility to create and manage analytics processes, policies, and information.

Note:  Analytics Governance is the ongoing process of creating and managing analytics processes, policies, and information for the purpose of acceleration business outcomes. This includes: strategies, processes, policies, activities, skills/institutional knowledge, information, models, organizations, and technologies. 

  1. Data Governance – The data governance section will evaluate the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise, including metadata management. 

Note: data governance is defined as the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise, and includes metadata management. 

  1. Business Process Integration – The business process integration section will evaluate the degree to which data and analytics drive business processes and inform business KPIs. 
  2. Analytics Capabilities – The analytics capabilities section will evaluate the current and anticipated capabilities of different business groups to apply basic-to-advanced analytics.
  3. Technology/Tools - This section will evaluate the utilities performance in establishing an enterprise analytics architecture, procure the appropriate tools and technologies, and management of analytics technology adoption across different business groups. 

Please complete each of these dimensions to the best of your ability because you will receive an overall maturity score based on these seven dimensions. All survey information is confidential and will be shared only with the explicit permission by each utility's listed representative on a case-by-case basis. All other shared information will be aggregated in the AMA report, and the identity of individual utilities will remain anonymous.

The AMA Report

The AMA report will feature an aggregate summary of the survey responses. Individual sections within the report examine the survey results for each of the seven analytics maturity dimensions measured. The average score, the range of scores for each dimension, and the survey results for each question within that dimension are provided. A summary of comments provided by respondents (some are paraphrased) associated with each question is also included in the AMA report. 

In addition to the survey results, the AMA report will include a z-chart plotting each utility’s overall maturity score. The scores will remain anonymous. Each utility will be privately notified about which plot on the chart represents their own utility.

If you would like to view our past AMA reports, please visit our "AMA Library" on our Research and Resources tab. Please note only members of UAI will be able to access our older reports.

More About the AMA

To learn more about the AMA or share information about the AMA with your colleagues, download UAI’s official “About UAI AMA” ppt. If you have any questions about the Analytics Maturity Assessment, please contact Erin Hardick,

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